Top Internships in Minneapolis

Top Internships in Minneapolis

You know Minneapolis as the City of Lakes: and the home of the Twins, but did you know it's also one of the top cities for career opportunities between Chicago and the West Coast? Given its varied businesses comprised of retail commerce, finance, health care, and bio- and agro-industry, valuable internships are plentiful and up for the taking.

A strong business climate means the financial industry is wedged securely into the fabric of the city. Banks, savings and loans, venture capital firms, and insurance companies are big players. They all offer valuable internships, but this might be the best of all: the U.S. government's Ninth Federal Reserve District Bank, offering summer internships to young people willing to take on a lot of responsibility. Want to research in-depth economic trends that affect your local communities? Then this is the place for you.

Minneapolis wouldn't be a true Midwestern city if it also didn't have a strong agro/food industry, and so it has the United States' largest privately held corporation (in terms of revenue) in Cargill, Inc. This agricultural power has internships across several fields, including health, food production, and energy. The IT group at Cargill has over 100 internships for college students all by itself. Other food-production companies in the area, General Mills and Pillsbury, offer similar opportunities.

The retail industry is also big in Minneapolis.

Target's headquarters are here and they offer internships working with store management, distribution, headquarters. They also offer an internship just for MBA students.

Best Buy and SuperValu Inc. offer similar programs, with the latter providing one of the best internships for pharmacists, concentrating on disease management.

Other notable opportunities:

  • St. Jude Medical (Health) - More than 50 internships available with the area's biggest health care provider, lasting an average of 12 weeks.
  • Medtronic (IT/Health) - One of the area's biggest companies looks for intern candidates in sales, biochemistry and engineering year-round.
  • Xcel Energy - Recruiting the best IT student and graduates is part of this companies outreach program.
  • Northwest Airlines (Transportation) - Learn the business of flying with business and engineering opportunities.
  • 3M (IT) - Industrial engineering, corporate, and R&D internships available in the veteran company known for Post-Its.

Visit Monster College for a more complete list of internships and jobs for students and recent graduates in Minneapolis and around the U.S.

In addition, most schools have well-developed internship programs with businesses connections throughout the city. Use our quick and private forms to request more information from schools in Minneapolis about their internship placement services.

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