The Benefits of an Online Degree Program

The Benefits of an Online Degree Program
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The Benefits of an Online Degree Program

Going to school online is becoming one of the most common ways students study these days. Many students study exclusively online, while others combine traditional on-campus learning experiences with online coursework.

Online programs are appealing because they offer students tremendous amounts of flexibility. In addition to being able to "attend" classes wherever an Internet connection is available, students are able to set their own class times and have great range within a general scheduling structure established by the college or university. Some programs require that a student checks in online at least once per day, while others require just once per week. Lectures are made available through audio broadcasts or transcripts that students can peruse at their convenience, and assignments are delivered via email or discussion board for students to complete within a given timeframe.

Most online programs also make use of chat programs so that instructors and students can interact live, message boards for question and answer sessions, and of course, email to send and receive class assignments. Many programs also employ the use of non-Internet related programs, such as CD-ROM and video.

Online degrees are offered from a variety of schools, including graduate schools, four-year colleges and universities, two-year junior and community colleges, and career training schools. Students can study dozens of different programs online, including criminal justice, education, computer science, medical assisting, business administration, nursing, graphic design, and many, many more.

Students who enroll in online programs generally have the same access to financial aid programs, career development resources, academic counseling, and library services as students receive on campus. In addition, online schools also usually offer significant technical assistance - many offer 24-hour technical assistance online and over the phone to online students.

An online degree program is great for a student who lives too far from a campus to commute, for one who holds a full-time job or works various shifts, and for one with young children or other family commitments. Online degree programs are, in general, terrific for anyone interested in studying on their own terms.

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